Miserere Mei

CompanySimone Pellegrini
PhotographerSimone Pellegrini
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The Easter procession of the dead Christ is the oldest of its kind in Italy. Dating from the early thirteenth century,it has preserved its original form,a mournful and devoted procession,that accompanies Christ at the burial. It’s follows ritual rules that must rigorously have respected. The oldest of the nine current Brotherhoods of Orte is the Holy Cross, since 1159. The whole city is to the dark,only the light of the torches illuminates the passage of the brotherhoods. The silence is broken from the trailing of the heavy tied up chains to the barfoot feet of the cireneis

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Born in Rome in 1979. Graduated in Economics, he began a course of study that leads him to approach the style of reportage with a particular penchant for stories related to social and anthropological issues.