Electric soul

PhotographerJennifer Bruget
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Here is advanced my photographer's talents, model, make-up woman mode and beauty and of styling the purpose of which is to emphasize the metamorphoses of the woman. I wanted to underline the universal feminine identity by means of materials, colors, lights as a subject of visual art. While remembering that the woman for a long time lent herself to the sets of fineries, ornaments, ethnographical tracks, make-ups and hairstyles to create various expressions of one. So my self-portraits are a hymn in the femininity and in its fineries. I wanted to create images in all his subjectivity through very varied directions, and to show that those this can be surprising as much as eclectic.

About Photographer

I was born on September 4 in Belfort. Since my childhood, I am attracted by the world of art, painting, fashion and film. In a shy and dreamy nature, I look and observe the world around me. I followed the conventional scientific studies in high school Courbet Belfort My tray S pocket, I go a year at university to study biology but I am strongly attracted by studies in art, which unfortunately the label insecurity and a dead end. Still I decided to study at the University of Nanterre in the cinema, I have very fond memories, I wanted to become a filmmaker. I am a photography course in university and there is revelation, I want to do photography, I feel that I can convey something to others. But the life that I had to stop my film studies and return to my area. I'm taking pictures at the art school of Belfort. Now, I studied Art at the Sorbonne in Paris.