Beyond my Eyes

PhotographerFrancesco Gola
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryStradella, Italy
Photo Date2012-2013
Technical InfoLong Exposure
Entry Description

Time. Since you are young, your parents try to teach you that Time is the most precious resource that life gives to you. Unfortunately, as frequently happens in life, you have to find out for yourself to understand that. When I started to work for my company I understood that the time to really enjoy my life was tailing off very fast. I had to escape. But how can you escape when you are trapped in the frenzy of modern life? So I picked up my camera and I sought refuge in the Nature where I found peace for my Soul wandering in the silence. I found that while I was deep in Nature, I was able to think to nothing: job, love, life, troubles, everything disappear. It is like living in a parallel universe, and in this universe I learned to see the world with different eyes: the eyes of mind. “Beyond my eyes” is a project about what the eyes of mind can see. Working with long exposures I realized that you don’t freeze just a moment, but an entire period of time. You can transform your picture in ahourglass. It’s the concrete representation of the parallel universe I mentioned before. “Beyond my eyes” is a universe where the main characters are Time and Silence that take shape trough what the mind is able to see.

About Photographer

Born in Italy, Pavia in 1981 I started taking photos couple of years ago and immediately fell in love with the endless borders of the inner frame. Photography is a source of inspiration that allows me to reveal the relationship between the outside world of Nature and the inside world of dreams, thoughts, emotions, desires and wishes. Photography allows me to express self mental and emotional stimulation mixed with idea and vision and shape it into an art form.