Castlefreke Grasses

PhotographerDavid Magee
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

A series of photos shot on Location in Castlefreke, West Cork, Ireland - 2010. The series explores the concepts of scale, movement, light and dark, and creates an atmospheric world which would not normally be seen by the "passer by", thus engaging and challenging the viewer.

About Photographer

David Magee was born in Cork, Ireland in 1963. He attended Crawford Municipal School Of Art, where he studied for a Diploma in Fine Art. In 1982 he attended Glasgow School of Art & Design where he received a B.A. Hons. in Graphic Design (studying Fine Art Photography under Thomas Joshua Cooper, Canadian Fine Art Landscape Photographer). For the last twenty five years, whilst running a multi award winning graphic design studio in London, he has continued to produce a comprehensive body of personal photographic work which remains mostly unpublished, to this day. He is rarely happier than when he is alone in the landscape, where the loudest noise is the sound of the wind and the sea and the faintest click of the camera shutter.