The Masked Island

PhotographerHiroshi Imai
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

I get a sense of discomfort every time I get back to Japan from a trip abroad. I feel it from the silent and cold impersonal impression of the abnormally clean streets that seem to cover up something lying underneath. Buildings of pre-existence and new, renovation and development that were constructed by different architects in different times coexists in undisciplined way in this country. When I get amused and even find wonder in the chaos of what seems like a disorderly scene on the surface, I feel the immense existence of invisible force, rather than an insecurity or an uncertainty.

About Photographer

I have just been a finalist of the Onward Compe 2013 in Philadelphia. And also I have been a prize winner of TOKYO FRONTLINE PHOTO AWARD #3 2013. I was born in 1963 in Tokyo, Japan. I majored in urban engineering and structural mechanics at the Tohoku University. After graduation I held senior positions in major global IT company. Ten years ago, I started to grow an interest in photographic expression that led to study and master the basic of photography, first from darkroom work, at the workshop held by Satoru Watanabe. Subsequently, to become a photographer, I joined the workshop held by Osamu Kanemura and started photography four years ago in full earnest. I was awarded the Satoru Watanabe Award as the best photograph at the 2B Workshops Group Exhibition. Of the selection of 30 to 40 works out of the present project "The Masked Island", I would like to hold a solo exhibition. As an extension of this project, I am aiming to hold an exhibition in Europe & US and I am currently studying under Marc Prust, an active curator centered in Paris.