Entry Title: "landmarks"
Name: Harjen Woltjer , Netherlands
Category and Expertise: Deeper Perspective, Non-Professional

Entry Description: all shots are "matter" found on my walks though Amsterdam mainly, like concrete walls, steel plates, natural stone plates etc. One (the 'totem' picture) is made in London. 1) at the end of the rainbow 2) before the sea 3) totem 4) song of the white whale 5) elephant dreaming

Story: On the moment I am receiving meditation training, different techniques to get a better understanding about the subtle an gross energetic state of being. Studying the mind is observing what am I? What is matter, what is energy, what is thought, and who is the observer, observing thoughts? In photography, one can see very nicely how a slab of concrete for example is connected to the universe, by lifting the contrast, as one can see very nice in the photo: at the end of the rainbow. Furthermore is the series a good practice in letting go of the will to interpretation/imagination. But foremost it's a celebration of our great energetic world.

About the Artist:

Art for me is being curious about who I am in relation to the (visual and non visual) space. It is to capture what you can't put into words. To identify with the things around me, to come to understand that everything is connected with everything. To feel (or meditate) through the gross and subtle substantial world, to realise that you can also identify with the underlying force which made the matter in the visual vorm exist in the first place. To make living images, it might help when you understand that your interpretation doesn't need to be a personal one. I mean, if you don't identify with the form of your interpretation, you create space for wonder and special things start to occur. There is room for flow. It becomes a direct experience in the here and now, with all your senses wide open, not only with your eyes or your brain, but with your hole being. Everything is energy, and by the undoing of your veils of your created self, you can make a true revolution, the one which transcendent your being in oneness.