PhotographerHarjen Woltjer
Entry Description

all shots are "matter" found on my walks though Amsterdam mainly, like concrete walls, steel plates, natural stone plates etc. One (the 'totem' picture) is made in London. 1) at the end of the rainbow 2) before the sea 3) totem 4) song of the white whale 5) elephant dreaming

About Photographer

Art for me is being curious about who I am in relation to the visual and non visual space. It is to capture what you can't put into words. My intensive study and practice of meditation and yoga in India, and meeting great mystics in the himalayas have lead me through the gross and subtle substantial world, to the realm of the mind and the soul. Once you start to see the brilliance of creation and the vast awareness of the soul, you start to look at the world in a totally new way. Next to this, I have been studying mythology, and geometry, and they all give great insight in the workings of the universals laws of the cosmos, in which we exist. The yoga way is to experience this sublime state of awareness directly. I made this book to share this happiness, the happiness of being fully free, by realizing our true nature, the nature of the nature.