Entry Title: "Depriety"
Name: Laurie'l Latimer , United States
Category and Expertise: Self-Portrait, Student

Entry Description: Depriety is the combination of Depression and Anxiety. People who suffer with either mask it underneath a smile never truly see a face that can capture these emotions. The mentally draining sadness and over active thought process can destroy a person. Depriety puts a face with these two mental disorders. This is what I suffer with among millions of others. With this piece I can truly show my emotions that are masked behind a smile.

About the Artist:

I struggle and try to get through it The only way I can communication is through art. Whether it's taking a picture with deeper meaning and exposing it or painting something that is private, I communicate through art. I want to share my thoughts and emotions on a deeper level. I use my art to connect with people on a non-verbal emotional level. I expose topics that are ignored such as anxiety and depression which equals the meaning behind the piece I am submitting. I suffer from anxiety and depression, except I cover it up with a smile. My pieces can be determined in many different perspective to reach and connect with the people I can't connect with on an average day. I hope to touch people with the voiceless words I speak through art in every form of the word.