Antique Psychedelia

PhotographerVic M. Montaigne
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Photography is about painting with light. Like in the art of painting with brushes and colours this may be done more or less naturalistic. In figurative painting some of the old masters used to give their pictures a slightly psychedelic or mystic touch without actually resorting to psychedelic or surrealistic forms. This impression was achieved mainly by playing with light effects that presented scenes in a slightly surreal way. In photography the use of infrared light is one technique to render familiar sights unfamiliar. The visible spectrum is shifted only so much… and immediately reality shines very different…

About Photographer

Vic M. Montaigne is an artist whose photographic passion gravitates towards an interest in black and white, often involving analogue photography in medium and large format. The underlying context of her work is to go just one step beyond physical reality. It is her belief that many truly fine photographs possess some inherent quality appealing to the poetic sense of the viewer and will fascinate by an artful display of aesthetics. Following the magnetic pull of this subtle poetic dimension it is the unveiling of the poetic behind the prosaic that lies at the core of Vic’s photographic motivation.