Surrounded by Water

PhotographerVic M. Montaigne
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryHamburg, Germany
Photo DateMAY 2012
Technical InfoHasselblad on infrared film
Entry Description

The small water castle seemingly out of a fairy-tale was built by a Renaissance nobleman to be a family mansion “forever”, meaning at least for the centuries to come. Yet already the next generation failed to produce a male heir… The castle however has withstood time and today is a perfect little idyll...

About Photographer

Vic M. Montaigne is an artist whose photographic passion gravitates towards an interest in black and white, often involving analogue photography in medium and large format. The underlying context of her work is to go just one step beyond physical reality. It is her belief that many truly fine photographs possess some inherent quality appealing to the poetic sense of the viewer and will fascinate by an artful display of aesthetics. Following the magnetic pull of this subtle poetic dimension it is the unveiling of the poetic behind the prosaic that lies at the core of Vic’s photographic motivation.