Still Life
PhotographerFarsad Ghaffarian
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

These shots was taken for a weekly photo challenge with 'still life' subject, and I don't have SLR camera at that time. I just had a Fujifilm X100 compact camera, but I wanted to show my friends and me! it's not important and I could do it with my simple equipments. So, I grabbed something from my grandmother house and did it! Also I only used one 580ex Flash in a soft box for light source too.

About Photographer

Farsad Ghaffarian is a software developer working for and living in New York. Photography is one of his big passion. He started photography about ten years ago. During past years he experienced different categories in photography. His works have been selected as honorable mentions in International Photo Awards in past years. His current interest is cultures, street photos, fine art series and mobile photography. His first solo exhibition held in Tehran at May 2015 with some of his mobile photos.