egypt - on the way to democracy

PhotographerFatih Tessa Nehal Husseiny
PrizeHonorable Mention

Egypt – on the way to democracy The Egyptian Revolution of 2011 began on 25th January 2011. After 30 years of dictatorship around 20.000 protesters demanded freedom and rights. During the 18 days of revolution over 1.000 people were killed by fire while fighting for their rights. In April 2013 a group of 12 German and 15 Egyptian young adults met in Cairo, Egypt to work on a project with the question “What does democracy mean to me/us”? There were three different groups – Film, Lyric and Photography – consisting of German and Egyptian members. Each group discussed the topic democracy in Egypt on his own. In only a few days a concept was created after each of the group perceived itself as a photographic artist. The aim of this group was that every photographer took pictures of his own pictorial imagination of the revolution. The final series consists of 13 individual images, which were taken at original locations of the demonstrations in Cairo. The pictures show how the people felt during the revolution. The people had to protect their houses, they were fighting on the streets and they were not allowed to speak their mind in public. The pictures express fear, anger and powerlessness. Five of those images were submitted to the IPA Award 2013 non-professional and student category deeper perspective. The photographers of those five pictures are Tessa, Fatih, Nehal and Mohammed el Hussien.