Freckled Skin

CompanyCaitlin Sclater Photography
PhotographerCaitlin Sclater
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This is a portrait of my partner, who has supported me through an incredibly tough few years. This is an earnest portrait of him, freckles and blackening eye included. This is Jim, and I am grateful for every part of him. I took this portrait to show the world how I see him, the kind and selfless boy with the cheeky grin.

About Photographer

Caitlin Sclater (currently studying) is a young, aspiring photographer, with big dreams and the drive and determination to achieve them. Interested in fashion/editorial work, as well as music and live concert photography, Caitlin Sclater is already proving herself through her strong work ethic and exemplary images. Building her portfolio, Caitlin has already photographed and collaborated with many models and designers in her local area, adding her creative flare and unique imagery to their portfolios. She has also spent a year working with one of her local concert venues. This opportunity allowed her to meet and photograph some of Australia's leading musicians and talents, as well as build an enviable portfolio of this subject matter. Building both her skills and portfolio, Caitlin Sclater is preparing to graduate, and prove herself within this creative industry with her unique style and high quality images. Expect big things from Caitlin Sclater in the coming years.