war, poverty, prostitution

Photographerjudith prat
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryZaragoza, Spain
Photo Dateapril 2013
Technical Infodigital photoraphy
Entry Description

War, Poverty, Prostitution. Many displaced women, victims of a raging war that for several years has hit the Democratic Republic of Congo, live in Goma, capital city of North Kivu, in extreme poverty. Some of them are forced to prostitute themselves as a means of survival. A group of young prostitutes live together in a tiny two-room house in the poverty-stricken Kabutembo neighbourhood. On Saturdays early in the morning they start drinking alcohol and taking drugs so as to face a hard day´s work at a brothel in town. They are victims of war, victims of poverty, victims of sex the sex trade.

About Photographer

Born in Spain. Photographer and lawyer. I am interested in documentary photography and photojournalism; in recent years I have taken pictures of different themes as a means of reporting on realities that are sometimes not visible, such as the living conditions of prisoners in Panamas jails, the consequences of the economic crisis for immigrants living in Spain, the desperate situation of people living in displacement camps in the East of the DR of Congo or the living condition of siryan refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and Tukey. I have published pictures in different national media. My photographic work has been exhibited in several Spanish cities and I have been selected for international festivals of documentary photography and photojournalism, such as PHOTON 2012 or PICS 2013. I won the Scholarship award in the Photography and Journalism Seminar of Albarracín 2013, and Honorable Mention in Photo Essay and Feature Story and General News in the International Photography Awards (IPA) 2013. In 2014 I have been awarded with the Julia Margaret Cameron Award, and Photofest Award.