Entry Title: "The Office"
Name: Charles DiLisio , United States
Category and Expertise: Interior|Still Life|Night Photography|Deeper Perspective, Non-Professional

Entry Description: A series of images looking at various aspects of a Silicon Valley office persona. Looking at the office lobby, break room, cubicle cluster, meeting room, office chairs, and views outside.

Story: This series is trying to capture the sameness and drudgery of office life in the high technology world of the Silicon Valley. A look at the office lobby, cubicle farm, break room, office chairs, and a look outside (in color). In the break room you see the common items like a microwave, refrigerator, soda machines and the ominous clock letting you know when you need to get back to work.

About the Artist:

I’ve been playing with photography since grade school. The advent of digital cameras and the need to develop a few hobbies got me back into photography in a big way. I also have been taking classes with Dick Dischler at Keeble and Shuchat. This has propelled me into the more creative aspects of photography. I have the advantage of witnessing the vast technological growth from within Silicon Valley and have found digital photography a perfect match for using my creative and analytical talents for visual expression. My professional life is as a technology consultant with over 25 years experience analyzing technology industries and markets. My focus includes the semiconductor industry, semiconductor markets, semiconductor equipment manufacturers and EDA firms. Today I serve as the president of D-Side Advisors - an independent research and strategic consulting firm. Previously I was an associate director with the research company, Dataquest, and I was a principal in KPMG’s high tech consulting practice. On the operating side, I was director of corporate development at Acurex Corporation, with the charter to develop their acquisition strategy. My degrees include a M.B.A., from the Anderson School of Management, UCLA. and a bachelor’s degree, Summa Cum Laude, from Arizona State University with an emphasis on Quantitative Business Analysis