One day I'm going to be champion

PhotographerRemi Skatulski
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Muay Thai boxing is a national sport of Thailand. Professional fighters gain a lot of respect and fame across the country. In one of northern Thailand's gym a 6 year old boy is training really hard with persistence of professional fighters. Despite the fact that training has sometimes been too heavy or too exhausting for such small boy, he is determined in his belief that one day he'll become the Champion. Like his coach - former Muay Thai Champion who was awarded personally by the King of Thailand.

About Photographer

Remi Skatulski was born in Warsaw 1978. Graduated from Warsaw University at Political Sciences Faculty. As he was always interested in social, political and cultural issues so when he started travelling the camera became his closest friend. He involves in the photo projects he finds closest to his heart. Nowadays he's working on the longterm project ,,Same, same but different'' comparing children's every day activities all over the world.