Between the Black and White Clouds

PhotographerAnastasia Shpilko
Entry Description

"Between the Black and White Clouds" was shot in two towns lying on either side of the Lithuanian-Belarusian border, which separates the last dictatorship in Europe from the European Union. Featuring no captions, the project invites to guess what state is shown on each photograph. Thereby it explores the traces which the common legacy has left on both urban infrastructure and mentality of the two countries, but also questions the ability of photography to represent the political.

About Photographer

I was born in 1989 in Minsk, now the Republic of Belarus, but grew up in Russia and completed a degree in Journalism at the Moscow State University there. 
During my studies I began to wonder whether journalistic efficiency of photography exceeds that of text. In 2009, I managed to intern as a photographer and picture desk assistant at the business daily Vedomosti, a Russian subsidiary of the Financial Times. Although I spent the whole following year writing for the Russian weekly magazine Ogoniok (Kommersant PH), in the end I chose to attend the MA Photojournalism course at the University of Westminster where I later graduated with distinction. Since October 2012, I am based in Moscow again and am looking to combine in my work the most image and text can offer.