PhotographerKarin Hauser
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMarrickville, Australia
Photo Date07/01/13
Technical Infoinkjet print
Entry Description

‘Doubling’ is an ongoing series of photographs that explore notions of mirroring, splitting and multiplying that are the secret tricks of life, performed at a most basic level of our biological existence. The mirror image in its function as a window allows entrance to our inner other world. It is the moment of entrance, *…where the subject is flowing over into the object…, that intrigues me. *Maurice Merlot Ponty

About Photographer

Karin Hauser is a German born photo-media artist who has lived in Sydney, Australia for the past 15 years. In 2005 she received her Master of Studio Art with Honours from The University of Sydney, Australia. Since 2005 Hauser has experimented with digital media where she explores the gap between perceived appearance and actual being to portray our human bias. Her series ‘Scotoma’ (2011), for example, references our visual ‘blind spot’ that often gets in the way of understanding. For Hauser collage is a system that guides the viewers’ gaze into experiential realms an experience that could refresh the viewers perspective. Hauser is not concerned with imperfection of the imagery and rather stops before overworking the image. Karin Hauser’s work has been shown in Germany at Kunstforum Rottweil and Hamburger Kunsthalle; in Australia at the Australian Centre for Photography, Roar Studios, Gold Coast City Art Gallery, Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery and Chameleon. She has recently been selected as finalist in several respected photography prizes and has received various grants from the Australia Council, eg. Studio Residency in Italy and work- in-progress grants.