India' Third Gender

PhotographerMiguel Candela
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAlicante, Spain
Photo Date29-01-2013 and 02-02-2013
Technical InfoNikon D800, 50mm, 35mm and 24m
Entry Description

Nobody knows how many transgenders live in India but the UNDP estimates more than 200,000. Discriminated and afraid to reveal their true selves, they drown their sorrows with drugs and alcohol. Finding support among themselves, they know being different in India is not only a great obstacle for acceptance but also a threatening lifestyle. Lack of information, awareness, and usage of condom during the intercourse, HIV and syphilis till have a huge presence among the ‘hijras’ with a 68% and 57% respectively.

About Photographer

Miguel Candela (Spain, 1985), specializing in the human drama of life, is restless in his intentions to satisfy his personal requirements in capturing still images, the colour and reactions of people, places & events. Shows the public in images, the diversity of humanity from their way of life, practices, homes, beliefs, traditions, relations, costumes, and reactions to issues or general situations of the time. To be a photographer helped him to perceive the world not as how it is but the way is lived, without boundaries to enable him to comprehend his surroundings, to respect other cultures and their ways of thinking. Photography opened him into news horizons and value our present as a historical event. He sees his works as an affirmation that "Every person has his or her individual unique history, every individual has an intriguing story to tell."