Post Terminus II

PhotographerCenk Ozer
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

A group of animal/ human hybrids arrive for salvation with the mission of healing and rebuilding the damaged planet. Each image of the project focuses on the environmental issues that affect millions of people today.


Post Terminus is a surreal project that reflects our contemporary world. It takes place in a post apocalyptic planet where humans have ceased to exist due to their extremely destructive approach to nature, so much so that the planet is not able to support life on it anymore. A group of animal/human/plant hybrids arrive to this planet and start rebuilding and healing the damaged planet. In each image they are concentrating on solving one of the environmental issues. Some of the concepts that I have worked on throughout the project are; pollution, drought, ozone crack, oil spills, biohazards… Post Terminus is a photo illustration series in which several photographs and mixed media techniques were composited digitally to create the final image. I created Post Terminus with the intentions of supporting social awareness of those issues. Any behavioral changes will have a positive effect on improving nature's conditions, that's why I tried to visualize my project in a way that would be appealing to anyone, regardless of gender, race or age group.