Too Much

PhotographerKonior Sylvia
PrizeHonorable Mention
About Photographer

I waited to start photography until the digital age started. As a child I wanted to be distinctive from others, my own personal development. I had (and still have) the urge to go against the flow. Usually I'm walking a different road to get a creative and unique result. In photography, my unique personality comes to it's right. A goal of mine is to create my own images, I love to use productions. I do a thorough research for my series and work on the image untill I'm satisfied. The urge I feel to create a certain image is very intense and strong, it don't quit working on it until I created the right image. I make taboos negotiable by having a humorous look at my photos. If that gives my audience a positive or negative reaction then I'm pleased because it gave them an emotion. I'm not a big fan of sleek images, on the other hand I love the warmth of real people. I work with real models, people like you and me, alsoo I myself am always available to my creative ideas.