PhotographerTine Dyrkorn
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

I am 37 years old woman, living in Oslo, Norway. I'm about to finnish my studies at NISS, Nordic Institute of Stage and Studio. In 2010 I had a surgery to reduce weight, and decided to turn the camera towards myself and my own body.


In an artificially initialized process of change between two variations of my self image, I created a series of photos with an abundance of loose skin. I would like to ridicule the cliches regarding the female body and (fine art) nude model photography, while challenging the female ideal in a body fixated society. By breaking down the taboo and by making the things we don't normally see less dangerous/more palatable, the photos put the viewer in a difficult situation. They show the human body as sculptural and classically artistic, at the same time as the discomforting feeling of witnessing something you shouldn't be seeing becomes hard to suppress. The duality of the photograph is left to mature in the viewer's mind, instead of giving off a feeling of intent, as the project was able to develop naturally by being a personal study.