Arriving home through the wall

PhotographerDiego Cuasante
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryValladolid, Spain
Photo DateDecember 2011
Entry Description

The great dusky swifts rest and make their nests for breeding behind the waterfall as a strategy to keep safe from predators. They build their nests in caves or on rocky ledges by sticking mud and moss with saliva. I was very taken by how hundred of swifts appeared and disappeared behind the curtains of water in the bigger falls of Iguazú Falls National Park, flying vertiginously through clearings and gaps. This is something I knew before travelling there, and had a previous image in my mind to try to capture the essence of that moment.

About Photographer

Diego was born in Burgos (Spain) in 1975. He took classes in drawing and painting from an early age and he bought his first reflex camera at the age of 16. A Forest Engineer, he graduated in 2000 and is currently working in the Geographic Information Services sector. The result of mixing his two passions – nature and photography – is a work focused mainly on the great outdoors. He is exploring new ways to convey his own vision through his work to branch out into areas that he had never explored before. He is a member of the Spanish Association of Nature Photography (AEFONA)