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Leaving Utopia is a photographic project about
life during the economic crisis. A documentary of a fluctuating and hostile environment,
in which past rules are overturned and new realities reveal themselves.
Where billboards advertise no new and brighter lives and the people are offered a multitude of dystopian futures.
The work records a newly discovered continent that is Europe of the 21st century. The first part of the project focuses on Athens, Greece.

About Photographer

EDUCATION 2011-2013 MA in Fine Art Photography (CENTRAL ST MARTINS, UK) Merit , under David Moore 2007-2008 MA in Fashion Photography (LONDON COLLEGE OF FASHION, UK) , under Gus Wylie 2003 Erasmus - Photography (ESSEN FOLKWANG HOCHSCHULE, Germany) under Jörg Sasse 2000-2006 Ptychion in Photography (TEI of ATHENS,Greece) Distinction , under Nikos Panayotopoulos MAIN EXHIBITIONS: 2013 “SEE Creatives” New York. 2013 “UAL UAL winners of the Deutsche Bank Award”, Showroom Gallery, London 2013 “Show ONE”, (GE), CSM Lethaby Gallery and Street, London 2013 “Oblivion”, (GE), Fork Lift Gallery, London 2013 “Düsseldorf Photoweekend PR” Salon Des Amateurs, Düsseldorf 2012 “Sotheby’s Art Auction” CSM, Lethaby Gallery, London 2012 “Photography Open Salon Arles” (GE) Screening Installation, Arles 2012 “On being different and the same at the same time”, (GE), High Holborn, London 2012 “Interim Show 001” (GE), Byam Shaw, London 2010 "Young Greek Photographers (GE),Athens Photo Festival 10, Athens 2009 "Other World's Souvenirs" (GE) Athens Photo Festival 09,TAF, Athens 2009 "New Greek Photographers" (GE) Photographic Encounters 09, Kythera 2009 "MA_Sters" (Group Exhibition) MALL Galleries, London 2008 "State of Independenz" (Group Exhibition) Fashion Space Gallery , London AWARDS: 2013 Winner of the Deutsche Bank Award in Photography 2012 Winner of the FirstTapestry University Challenge Competition 2011 Greek National Scholarship for Postgraduate/Research Studies Abroad (IKY) 2011 Short Listed for the Bar Tur Award 2006 First Place - Photography at Athens International Film Festival 2001-2002 National Scholarship for Academic Excellence,TEI of Athens