Entry Title: "Resisting Infinity"
Name: Edwin Rontberg , Netherlands
Category and Expertise: Other_FA|Self-Portrait, Non-Professional

Entry Description: In a state of vertigo he clings to finiteness. This to oppose the infinity of freedom. (Søren Aabye Kierkegaard) In “Resisting Infinity” I explore the role that mental boundaries play in my life, the inner conflict between “being in control yet confined” and “crossing borders and experience personal growth”.

About the Artist:

I started with photography as a means to develop myself. I experience the world as an endless source of things I would like to do, or would like to be skilled in. Not just because of the experience but more because the world has so many interesting things to offer. Nowadays photography has become a constant factor in my life. It acts a catalyst to learn more and more about myself, to help me define the person I am, to find the forces that drive me in my life. In 2012 I graduated at the Photo Academy in the Netherlands.