Security Prison 21

PhotographerPiotr Jakubowski
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryJakarta, Indonesia
Photo DateNovember 7, 2012
Technical InfoCanon 5D, Canon 35/2 lens
Entry Description

Sunlight peers through a barred window on the 2nd floor of Phnom Penh's notorious S-21 prison. More than 20,000 people were killed at Tuol Sleng, one of more than 100 execution centers in the country.

About Photographer

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, in September 1986, Piotr Jakubowski spent 17 years of his life in Jakarta, growing up trilingual and bicultural. Intrigued by photography after taking a course at the Jakarta International School, he started out with film photography and a second hand camera, followed by digital photography. With help from the super-macro feature in his camera, Piotr became addicted to taking macro photographs, initially his favorite type. However, he is also passionate about the human story a photograph can reveal, and is currently intrigued by human interest photography. Piotr has since spent time in New York, Chicago, Tokyo working in the advertising industry and pursuing photography as a hobby. He is now based in Jakarta, Indonesia.