Silent movie

Photographerchrystel livolsi
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

A portrait inspired by silent movies and old painted photographs.

About Photographer

Photographer, filmmaker and co-founder of Super Deluxe Magazine. Between art and commerce with a life in the middle! Quirky, nerdy, stylish, over-busy and a bit crazy. Chrystel Livolsi is a filmmaker and photographer based between Dubai, London and Paris. She offers photography, film and creative direction to clients in the luxury, fashion and hospitality industries. French, with a master in Fashion Photography from the prestigious London College of Fashion and having lived 10 years between London, Paris and the Middle East, she has a creative and adaptable approach, respectful of the different cultural sensibilities. Beyond her commercial work, she creates stop motion animations, and Fine Art installation using videos and photos as her main media of communication.