Urban Frontiers

CompanyJose Oller
PhotographerJose Ramón Oller González
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Barreras Urbanas (Urban Frontiers) was born as a result of a reflection on our distance from our own selves, from our origins. On this exhibit, there will be people spotted at any corner of any city, people reading the press, peeking at their cellphones, laptops, social networking, checking out their music players, too focused on the latest trends; all of this in a hurry, even bothered, while they try to keep up with the city. These characters contribute with their own size, they are disoriented, giving their backs to the majesty of this natural landscape, to which they are oblivious.

About Photographer

Since 1986 works as a photography assistant with several professional photographers and complete their training increasingly specialized in large format camera and architectural photography. Collaborates as Architectural Photographer for various Islands Studies, College of Architects and magazines. 1995. - Selected in 1995 at the International Photography Biennial of the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife for its "Elders of the Earth" which was exhibited in Fotonoviembre in the hall of the College of Architects of Islands that year. 1999. - "South" Biennial of Photography of the Cabildo in the hall of the House of Culture of the City of Garachico. 2000. - Presentation and Projection images in the hall of the Hon. City of Santa Cruz de Tenerife at the opening of the conference of the workshop "Remaking the Landscape" organized by the Colegio de Arquitectos de Canarias. 2001. - "Archi-picture", exhibited in the hall of the Ministry of Development in Madrid. 2003. - First Regional Photography Award, organized by Caja Insular and Cajacanarias in its second edition by the photographic series "Geometric Symphony," held at the headquarters of Cajacanarias. 2004. - Third Edition Regional Photography Award organized by the Cajacanarias and Insular box, select "Window of the Sea". 2004. - In the VII Photo Contest Caja Rural de Canarias, with the work "Cabildo de Lanzarote". 2005. - Group Exhibition "Open Space" in the room Guanarteme Mapfre La Lagua. 2006.-Group Exhibition "Look Beyond" - 25th anniversary of Amnesty International and the group Photographers Solidarity, at the headquarters of the Caja Rural S / C de Tenerife. 2006. - "Path" selected in the V Edition of Cajacanarias Photography Regional and La Caja Insular Cajacanarias room in La Laguna. 2006. - Solo Exhibition "Landscape and Architecture" organized by the Center of Photography of the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife. 2006. - Exposure during SAFOTO FESTIVAL in San Antonio Texas, USA. 2007. - Group exhibition of the First International Prize Rafael Ramos Garia with the series entitled "Dreams of Glory". 2008. - Collective Exhibition Cajacanarias Second Regional Award with the series "Public Space".