Nectar of Immortality

CompanyRudolf Thalhammer Photography
PhotographerRudolf Thalhammer
Entry Description

Banares is a naga sadhu a follower of Lord Shiva, an ascetic wandering monk who dedicated his life to the the pursuit of liberation. Together with hundred thousands of his brothers and sisters in faith he set out from the high mountains of the Himalayas to take part in this holiest of Hindu pilgrimages of faith to bath in the nectar of immortality on the most auspicious day.

About Photographer

I studied medicine at the Vienna University. One of my passions was always photography. I try to find the timeless framing. Making it possible for the observer to travel - not only in space but also in time. What a nice thought being a “time machine” for many people. My goal is to travel and find as much “magic” as possible, but also to improve my technique and my success. The camera gives me the unique joy to immerse, almost dissolve myself into my surroundings and to witness the decay of time. The secret of photography itself is literally changing it´s face every split of a second. Not knowing if the decisive moment was already seen or is yet to come - an ongoing adventure and my positive driving force.