In the chiller

PhotographerMatt Starling
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBristol, United Kingdom
Photo DateNov 28 2011
Technical InfoNikon DX
Entry Description

Hodder is the term used for the men who work on the plant floor in an abattoir. These pictures were shot during a day I spent in Somerset with a group of hodders who typically are all born and raised in the locality and as here usually end up working for life in the family business. What impressed me were the cold and monotonous conditions these men work under, and yet despite this, their endless sense of humour and pride in their work behind the closed doors of the chiller.

About Photographer

An amateur photographer who graduated from the school of film and television in Bristol where I directed an award-winning student film shot on 16mm. Since graduating I have travelled and spent a number of years living in Berlin, teaching English and photographing life in the former East Germany.