CompanyFilm or Digital Photography
PhotographerBenedict Liam
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

A person who is lost trying to find there destiny and winds up in a world of confusion and trials.


In life each person is set to be born with dreams and goals as we grow up we are confronted with different challenges and trial. The more we try to find our dreams the more we get lost in reality and sometimes we never find our way.

About Photographer

Benedict Liam - I am Business Management College Major in Sidney, I moved to New York after i finish college and took interest in Photography after i had my first camera which was an Olympus in 2001 it started as a Hobby of taking picture of insects from there I moved to taking wedding pictures but as i grow as an artist my creative mind wants to explore the deeper perspective of Film Photography. Currently I am focusing on Film Photography Developing and Printing my work.