PhotographerReathel Geary
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

I met Bill in the Badlands of South Dakota this past may. He is one of the most rooted people I have ever met and it was a powerful experience to make these photographs with him.

About Photographer

Each of us has a unique vision, I explore and express my personal vision through my photography. I find voice for my vision in visual metaphors and aesthetic edges. These images constitute my humble attempt to discover and share what I find meaningful in life. Each of my series starts as a single image, discovered not conceived. That image inspires me to explore an idea, a feeling. Developing that single image into a concept I strive to peel back the layers and find the core meaning and then build from there a collection of images that expresses the meaning discovered. Thematically I find my work explores a sense of isolation, the power of boarders and the dynamic exchange of emotion found in edges of our environment. I eschew photographic convention choosing varied methods to express my views. These non-conformist techniques include use of damaged, degraded lenses and I value of mass offer detail to keep the viewer focused on the meaning, not the technique.