A Body to wear

PhotographerAneta Nowicka
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Inspired by classical portraits Im' exploring myth of beauty, pain, femininity and plastic surgery I am going to have.

About Photographer

Aneta Nowicka was born in Poland in 1980. She graduated Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School, Warsaw University/Laboratory of Drama and was studying at Vienna University. Now Living in Warsaw, this Polish artist won a few Artists – in – Residence grants: in the USA (Vermont Studio Center), Iceland (Baer Art Center), France (Camac), Spain (Valparaiso Foundacion). Her works have been recently exhibited during the Passion for Freedom London Festival. Before she started to deal with topics of human roles, bodily functions picturing… herself, she had been taking portraits during her travels. She went from photojournalistic photography to self – staged portraits. The women roles I am playing – remind me of a clown playing in a circus. It is funny, it is grotesque and the audience may have fun. But there is a human being hiding behind that clown mask, confronting - and I picture that invisible part. Nowicka does it on a search of the identity, looking for her own form of expression, her way to freedom.