Rhythm of the sea

Photographerarpa poonsriratt
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

People could produce the artworks that inspire from nature such as paintings, musicals or poems. To create the sea in the narrow space or in the place that lack of inspiration such as small studio could be happen. Because human has a boundless of imaginations to create the beautiful object even if in the place that has no charm.

About Photographer

Born in Bangkok,Thailand, in 1986, Arpa Poonsriratt moved to the Paris in 2012 to study photography at Speos,Paris photographic institute earning a Master degree in 2013. Her interest in art and philosophy began early. Her reading numbers of novels books led to her discovery of her innermost thoughts.Central to Arpa’s work is the idea that photography is a medium to express her feeling and experiences,a process of exploring and capturing her imagination,the moment,form,and time. This idea defining principle of her ongoing project. She places her experiences in fine art to underline her work with light and art-direction.