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“With” consternates on the relation between a man and an animal. Animals, used to have an utilitarian function in culture and their presence was to bring the man measurable benefits. They were of much help in daily life and work, gave nourishment or were the nourishment themselves. But the dependency diminished with people migration to the city. An animal becomes the only link a person has with nature in urban areas. And a companion, as the anonymity and loneliness in the city is much more painful. Photographs takes us to the intimate and personal interiors of a big city.

About Photographer

Marta Stysiak (born 1982) is a Polish cinematographer graduated from the National Film School In Łódź. She is the author of photography for documentaries, reportages, short features, video art and experimental videos. She is also the author of photography series and film stills. She is a co-founder of Synergy collective, www.synergycollective.org, which experiments with visual clichés and innovations but also plays around with narratives and storytelling. Stysiak worked with the theatre company Transport from London, Warsaw Theatre Institute and Polish TV stations. She is based in Warsaw, where she lives and works most of the time as a freelance. The “With” photography series has been recently reviewed in DailyServing – International publication for contemporary art, written by C.Daliley, March 29, 2013 http://dailyserving.com/2013/03/fan-mail-marta-stysiak/ and LE JOURNAL DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE, http://lejournaldelaphotographie.com/archives/by_date/2013-06-05/11590/marta-stysiak-l-homme-et-l-animal.