The Old Version of London

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Entry Description

I am a great fan of LONDON. I visited the town 17 times in my life and every time is like the first time and the last one in the same time. I love the londoners, the cabs and camden town is my fave place. I made this reportage with my smartphone and all the photos are in square size and made with a new concept: I want to tell you about the OLD London in a MODERN way.

About Photographer

Born in 1978 in the fashion town of Milano, Moira Nazzari is a food and travel photographer based in Italy and UK. She uses above all digital cameras, but often she uses to shot with different gear “to see the difference” and sometimes the difference make the shot. Deeply inside of art, from photography to film, she loves experimenting effects, colors and shadows. She loves details and minimal compositions. She is “addicted” to music, design and as Italian, she loves food. In her freetime she is a font catcher and a shopping expert.