PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryLondon, United Kingdom
Photo Date18 APRIL 2013
Entry Description

Tribute to Camille Claudel who inspired Rodin.

About Photographer

I am a London-based artist exploring different media such as photography, video and sound. I am a citizen of the world. I was found in Seoul, though truly bred and raised in Brussels. And when I have a chance I like to travel to discover new horizons, to meet new people, to approach different cultures. For the last few years I have studied art management, art business, art history, visual arts, photography and videography in London and
New York City. Let the adventure begin My recent assignments place my practice in street, documentary and identity projects. These projects are the results of my fascination of the human nature. First, I am interested in decoding the ‘everyday’. An attempt to expose what is behind the appearances and the so-called agreed conventions that people follow in their socio-demographic environment: those little signs that betray us. I want these photographs to depict genuine people not only in flesh, but also with their meta-physical character – all exposed. Second, gender matters particularly captivate me. I am willing to transgress our perceptions of what we see. Have the role and the representation of the male and the female changed in today’s society? I approach these topics like an on-going research project, where themes are observed with subtleties as each new body unfolds. And finally, I want to create photographs inspired by different Fine Art movements and media such as paintings and sculptures.