Hounds of Hope

PhotographerJulie McGuire
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBangalore, India
Photo DateJune 2013
Entry Description

Retired German Barbara Janssen lives in Penang, Malaysia, and dedicates her life to caring for more than 250 stray dogs rescued from lives on the street, many victims of cruel abuse. While some will spend their final days with Barbara, many will go on to find a new life in the home of a loving adopter. http://4paws.com.my/donate/

About Photographer

My passion for photography began as a teenager with many hours spent in a darkened bedroom printing and developing my pictures; by the mid-80s, my focus switched from shooting pictures to shooting guns in the Territorial Army; and then came my 20-year transatlantic PR career, story telling for some of the world's biggest brands. All that changed seven years ago when I followed my husband to India to pursue his 'outsourced' career. My passion for photography was reignited and since then I've traveled throughout the world, camera in hand, shooting whatever surprises and delights me.