Entry Title: "The Other Side of San Francisco"
Name: Ken Brown , United States
Category and Expertise: Landscape|Landscapes, Non-Professional

Entry Description: A mostly un-seen side of San Francisco from Point Bonita in Marin.

About the Artist:

Born and raised in Southern California, in the household of a classic car enthusiast, Ken learned to appreciate the sways of a tailfin and the sparkle of a chrome bumper at an early age. California's film industry influences and attracts its young citizens. And for awhile, Ken thought that would be his endeavour. A graduate of UCSC in Film Studies, his career path took a detour when he discovered still photography. Though his first love is the cinema, particularly Film Noir, Chiaroscuro, and German Expressionist Cinematography ; his still images retain the influences of this cinematic orientation. Ken's work represents the merging of these influences into automotive imagery. He considers his chief influences are: John Alton, George Hurrell, and Orson Welles.