N.0177 - Lines in time

PhotographerEduardo Almeida
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

I always felt powerfully attracted by the perfect lines of the grooves in the fields. If you look with attention and you are looking for a perfect frame, the lines of the grooves can you help to create a strong atraction for the viewer in the final photograph, besides creating a interesting textures in black and white images. Some nice clouds, the trees, a red filter and some minutes of long exposure, created the final result. N.0177 - Torrecilla de la Abadesa, Valladolid, Spain. 2012 Palladium Toned

About Photographer

I was born in Zamora in 1985, a small town in west Spain. Since I was young I have always worked at my family business, where I keep on working. My passion for photography started at the age of 19, when my mother gave me my first reflex camera. Until that day, I had never been in touch with the world of photography, and all was new and complicated for me. Curiosity and dedication soon turned into not only passion but also a way to, little by little, capture what my eyes where seeing and what my heart was feeling. I was a self-learner inspired in several occasions by great photographers such as Ansel Adams or Michael Kenna, and other times premeditated or just coincidence. I mainly look for craggy mountainous landscapes like the ones you find at Picos de Europa National Park (Spain), place where I usually get lost into .It has an incredible wild beauty. I adore woods natural textures and rocks in my images, and I think they are a distinctive part of them, with light games created by clouds on valleys and mist’s mystery into the peaks. At present, I work with digital reflex cameras and Lee filters to give effect to my images, totally black and white with palladium, platinum and silver tones for each image according to my own opinion.