A Bulgarian Journey

PhotographerMark L Edwards
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryGreat Dunmow, United Kingdom
Photo DateNovember 2013 to March 2013
Technical InfoTaken using Canon 5D MK11
Entry Description

Where there is poverty, there is fear and where there is fear, there will be criminality and sadly, many unfortunate victims. It is believed that a high percentage of the world’s black-market in body donor parts originates from Bulgaria. Many of the "donors" are young teenagers having been bought from their families for a few hundred pounds with the promise of a better future in another country. The reality is, that thousands of young people are being traded each year to make people traffickers rich. The spread of illegal organ sales into Europe has been abetted by the Internet, a global shortage of organs for transplants and the presence of unscrupulous traffickers, ready to exploit economic hardship.

About Photographer

I am an Associate of The Royal Photographic Society passing in May of this year with a panel of images on the Roma people in Bulgaria. I started taking Digital photographs towards the end of the summer (Aug 07) after a break from photography of 25 years. I felt almost compelled to take photographs at the time initially feeling that is was just about taking me back to something that I had enjoyed previously and wanted to recapture. Now (16th September 2009) whilst updating my profile I realise looking back that it is more than that. The last two years have been a journey through photography. As I strive to improve my photographic skills I now realise that it also allows me to better understand myself. When I have a camera in my hand and I am fully focused on the scene around me, I feel totally at peace. It is a very calming experience, like a form of moving meditation. Happy relaxed and in the moment, focused on capturing what I am seeing, feeling and wanting to convey. There are many disappointments and frustrations as I try to create images that I am proud. How I have handled those frustrations and disappointments has allowed me to understand more about myself. I am a founder member of The Great Notley Photography club which started in July 2008.