When birds

PhotographerSebastian Baumann
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

"When birds" (dream, rise, fall, love, shine) is a colorful and conceptual series featuring elements of beauty, fashion and fine art photography. After photographing the bird cage with various flashes and gels, the models, props (mostly feathers) and special effects were added by use of extensive post production.

About Photographer

By combining photography and post production, anything is possible. As a photo artist I make use of these possibilities and realise visions within staged images. My pictures contain elements of people and fine art photography which are blended and enhanced in post production. I love surreal moments, enchanting sceneries as well as pushing all boundaries. During my studies of "Audiovisual Media" (B.Eng.) in Stuttgart, Germany, I specialised in photography, post production and CGI to lay the foundations of my future work. In order to pass on my skills professionally, I later studied "Vocational Education" (M.Ed., B.Sc.) at the university of Hamburg, Germany.