Under Surveillance-The Modern Panopticon

PhotographerDaniel Balteanu
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

‘Under Surveillance - The Modern Panopticon’ explores how surveillance cameras have slowly, and in an almost unobserved manner, forced their way into our daily lives; and all this to the extent that we have become almost unaware of their overwhelming and omnipresent power. The photographs invite us into an ongoing debate about the conflict between the invasion of privacy and the importance of this type of surveillance when it comes to making a stand against, and understanding, criminal behaviour. In very recent years, surveillance cameras have proved to be vital instruments in solving crime. This practice raises important questions: where do we stand with regards to individual privacy, when did it become the accepted practice to have surveillance cameras in a constant gaze at us, and could this omnipresent surveillance mechanism be considered Jeremy Bentham’s modern version of the Panopticon?

About Photographer

My name is Daniel Balteanu and I am a photographer based in Ireland. My intention when it comes to photography is to was to capture the world as I see it without any alterations. I always want to convey the experience of a certain moment in my photographs. I try to capture bits of reality, without interfering with, or altering, what is before me. I capture events as they unfold and the apparatus bears faithful witness. I could say that I am adept at straight photography, with regard to both technicality and subject. As a photographer my main themes are based on everything that emanates solitude and peace - themes that could incorporate anything from landscapes to the human condition, anything that heals my spiritual self and tickles my eye! My photographs reflect every day experiences. I record these experiences faithfully and without any alterations. The messages that my photographs portray are always fully rooted in the reality of the world as I see it.