geometry of the movement

Photographermario rossi
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrypomezia, Italy
Photo Date2012/2013
Technical InfoDigital photographs
Entry Description

Geometry is certainly an important aspect of my research. Forms and trace elements are repeated with an attention to mathematics and music.The composition is arranged in a pattern that produces harmony and refers to a symphonic score of lights and figures interspersed with fragments of stories surprised from analytical look and similar to choreographies. All this feeds the compositions, making them similar to scientific reports with an unusual and sophisticated poetry

About Photographer

My name is Mario Rossi, I was born in Naples, Italy, in 1961 and now I’m living at Rome. I’m interested in photography from the 1978 when I started to explore the world from my city studing Architecture. Step by step, photography concurred me to develop a style in wich I can recognize myself. The knowledge of digital technologies, allow me to make free my creativity by shooting and printing. I attended workshops of Italian photographers like Franco Fontana, Andrea Pistolesi and G.B.Gardin. At the moment I’m trying to develope a my own language based on the process of assembly of many images, because I believe that one image is not enough to evoke an idea.