Frankfurt 2013 Series

PhotographerMatthias Haltenhof
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyMatthias Haltenhof Fotografie
City/CountryHalle, Germany
Photo Date11.05.2013
Entry Description

I already photographed Frankfurt in black and white during my first visit in 2012. This year, I decided to get back and take more time to shoot, take more time to let the buildings influence me and take more time to tune my compositions. The final result is this series of 5 images.

About Photographer

Matthias Haltenhof was born in 1981 in Magdeburg, Germany. Here he went to school and finished his A level. During school he became interested in computers and started studying at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. In 2009 he finished his diploma in Information Science. Among others he worked for Mercateo, TAV Genthin and Dynamic Galleries. Currently he is working as search engine optimizer. During his students time in 2005 he discovered photography. Quickly he found out that landscape and architecture photography interested him the most. Matthias is completely self-taught. He was active in several local photography groups. From 2005-2008 he led the "1. Fotoclub Köthen" and from 2007-2011 he founded and led the "Fotostammtisch Köthen". He taught photography in various workshops and at the adult education center.