The Luthier - taking shape

PhotographerCorrie Woods
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryTryon, United States
Photo DateJan 2013
Entry Description

Rarely do you see the person behind the crafting of a fine instrument. They work meticulously to produce a look, feel and voice that will resonate with the player. These black and white images strive to capture the subtle look, feel and voice of luthier Jay Lichty’s love of the craft.

About Photographer

Corrie Woods is the behind the scenes person at Lichty Guitars. While her husband, NC luthier Jay Lichty, builds custom guitars and ukuleles Corrie manages the website and the marketing. Lichty Guitars gives Corrie an opportunity to channel her love of photography. While she has had no formal training, capturing the spirit of place and heart in each photograph has always been a source of joy.