The Last Stand

PhotographerCatalin Sandu
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

“The Last Stand” is an ongoing project where old buildings in Toronto are depicted just before being torn down. The building from this particular submission used to be a home for various sport associations and clubs from Ontario. It was completely demolished and currently there is a new proposal for two residential and office towers; however nothing has been started yet.


This is part of an ongoing project aiming to cover disappearing buildings in Toronto. The series catches them while they're demolished to make way for a future condominium or another office tower, and is a way for me to preserve the memory of the place. This particular series shows only one such building -- the former home of several sport institutions, among which were the Sports Alliance of Ontario, Canadian Ski Instructors' Alliance and Ontario Cycling Association. When taking these photos I also aim to have just the old building in the frame, adding a bit of ambiguity: is this a war-torn landscape, or just an abandoned place? A week after I photographed it, this building was completely torn down and the ground is now leveled. At the time of submission though, Google Maps was still showing the old building at that address.