PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryJakarta Selatan, Indonesia
Photo Date27-04-2011
Technical Infolength 110mm, f/22, 45s
Entry Description

One view of Papuma Beach, Jember, Indonesia

About Photographer

“Do What I Like To Do” are the words that have always provoked and inspired me to dream from many years ago while still being employed by a prestigious private company. My skills as an engineer requires physical and mental discipline, however my true passion shines through as an artistic inspiration ignited deep within my soul. As a junior student in high school, I sensed a powerful affection towards photography and this fascination intensified as I explored deeper into the photographic world. My dreams to pursue the fine arts consumed my thoughts and finally in 2011, I gathered the courage to change my career, stepping into a new dimension, vision, mission and passion for photography. My deepest love for the black and white format was the beginning stepping stone towards my future life.