Bio Dysmorphic Doll Syndrome

CompanyKelsey Arrington Photography
PhotographerKelsey Arrington
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This series encapsulates my hatred and love for dolls; miniature human replicas... For a little girl, dolls teach you a lot about yourself, about how you want to look as a grown you are SUPPOSED to look. Dolls are perfect. Humans are not. The problem lies in their inaccuracy to portray reality.

About Photographer

Photographs are beautiful lies. Even when something appears real, one must remember that photographs only tell half of the tale. My work is a combination of reality and fantasies. I create worlds in my head...entire civilizations of people are floating around my thoughts constantly. Then I bring them to life. I create situations, abstractions that do not exist but reference the real world in some way. I live in an imaginative state, constantly searching for a new reality. I first took an interest in photography at age 10. I had always liked playing with disposable cameras before then. But the real passion begin on my 10th birthday when I acquired my first permanent camera; a polaroid 600 that I still use til this day. Most of my inspiration came from stories I used to write as a young child. Later on, I was begin to create visual representations of my very own poetry and love letters. For me, photography has always been this gateway to unlimited possibilities... Photography sits on the borderline between fiction and reality, I like to dabble in both.