Entry Title: "What do YOU see?"
Name: Peter Benson , Canada
Category and Expertise: Deeper Perspective|Abstract, Non-Professional

Entry Description: This series of images was created from photographing various pieces of driftwood found on several beaches.

Story: What do "YOU" see? What do you look for then you see patterns, lines, space and light? Everyone sees the world differently, What does your imagination conjure? Whether you like it or hate it what emotions stir within you from the images you see everyday? What gives you perspective? Is it your Memories? Or perhaps its past experiences, beliefs or desires that come alive when you look below the surface. The mind makes us subjective, Influenced by everything around us, The mind can be our friend or our worst enemy. When you see an image in your mind, what does it say about you? What does the perceived image tell you about yourself?

About the Artist:

Fine Art Photographer with a passion for Long Exposure, Landscape and Abstract Photography. Currently Working out of Chilliwack BC Canada