The Reef

CompanyMatty Smith Photo
PhotographerMatthew Smith
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

I had been shooting this reef under clear sunny skies and was having a hard time controlling the contrast and exposure between the bright sky and sun dappled reef. Later this storm closed in and provided me with a softer light which revealed much more detail in the reef and allowed me to expose for this without blowing out the sky.

About Photographer

I have always had an attraction to the water for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are of my brother and I collecting frogspawn from local streams to take home and watch it hatch into tiny tadpoles and grow into small frogs. I used to spend hours just watching the changes going on in the jam jars on my parents’ kitchen table, mesmerised. At the age of 7 I was given my first fishing rod by my Mum & Dad, which I still own, this fired up a life long passion that grew my obsession more of being at the waters edge. I’m not much of a fish eater and never have been; my fish were caught out of pure admiration to be photographed and safely released. A pointless task in many peoples point of view, but not mine. As I grew so did my aquatic pursuits. Swimming, surfing and scuba diving also took a hold of most of my spare time and led to many trips abroad to far off countries. Now residing in NSW Australia after emigrating from the UK in 2007 I have the worlds biggest playground at my feet, the Pacific Ocean and I have truly fallen in love with it.